This is the story of how the most delicious pound cake on the planet came to be. We hope you enjoy this delicious confection and it brings a smile to your face. Miss Dottie was always smiling and saw the joy in life. We hope you do as well.

Once upon a time there was a great lady named Miss Dottie. She had an ebullient, outgoing personality that made her the life of the party. This famous lady had a luminous spirit and zest for life. This pound cake is an original, just like her!!!

Sadly, she passed away suddenly and left a huge hole in the heart of her daughter, Tassie Tagarelli. Tassie, is an accomplished floral designer and the owner of a special event/design firm, Instincts Design Studio, Ltd. Many years ago, when Tassie started her career in the floral industry, she wanted to make sure her salesmen gave her the best flowers and always remembered who she was. So she started baking and bringing them a variety of cakes. Tassie’s pound cake soon became a huge favorite. It became a joke with the salesmen who would say, “No flowers, unless you bring us a pound cake”, which she always did!

Miss Dottie always told Tassie they should sell her delicious pound cakes, but they could never figure out what to name the special cake or where to sell it.

The stories of photographers, videographers, linen vendors, venue staff, etc. enjoying pound cake at a wedding (before, during and after) became legendary. Not to mention the staffs at FedEx, UPS and floral brokers Tassie works with on a weekly basis. One photographer actually cut a pound cake with a credit card because he did not have a knife and could not wait to sink his teeth into a piece of this moist, delicious cake. One can only hope it was a Platinum American Express card.

After the sudden passing of Miss Dottie, Tassie was introduced to the owner of a local gourmet shop. He expressed interest in her cakes and selling them in his shop. He asked Tassie what she would name it and without hesitation she said, “I will name it after my Mom and call it Miss Dottie’s Pound Cake.” Wow, that was so easy………if only her Mom had said “Name the cake after me.”

And as they say……………the rest is history! Tassie now sells her delicious pound cakes all over the world.

Miss Dottie loved desserts and had a habit of reading the dessert menu before ordering her entree, so she knew how much room to leave for that tempting dessert. She even had a pair of socks that said, “Life is uncertain – eat dessert first.”

The logo is an actual sketch of Miss Dottie from the late 1950’s. Miss Dottie was known for her extensive collection of eye glasses and her fashionable appearance. Miss Dottie loved orange and chocolate brown; Tassie loves pink and polka dots.

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