Cafe Bon Appetit To Whom It May Concern,

When I received my first Miss Dottie’s pound cake, 

I was very impressed with the packaging and I could not wait to open it. As a Chef of 25 years, I can tell you honestly, I was completely impressed. What I look for in all of my pastries is appearance, depth of flavor and texture. Miss Dottie’s Pound Cake has them all in abundance. A cup of espresso, three slices of pound cake, and I was in heaven. It is with my full recommendation that if you are reading this letter you should make a very wise business decision and put Miss Dottie’s Pound Cake on your menu. Why not take the fuss out of preparing all of your own desserts and introduce your valued customers to this high quality, made from scratch pound cake that is readily available to you.


Patrick Cassata
Executive Chef
Wheaton College
#1 “Best Campus Food” in the Nation
Princeton Review 2012

Patrick is the Executive Chef/General Manager at Bakersfield, Westmont, IL
Competitor – Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen Season 10

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Miss Dottie’s Operation Pound Cake delivers taste of home to troops in Afghanistan
By Renee Tomell –
Created: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 4:57p.m. CST

Tassie Tagarelli believes in the power of pound cakes. What started as a favorite dessert enjoyed by her mother soon opened doors for the businesswoman who owns Glen Ellyn’s Instincts Design Studio and lives in Glendale Heights. The response to the cakes she gifted to business associates had people urging her to market them. When she finally founded her cake enterprise after her mother’s death last year, Tagarelli immediately knew what to call it: Miss Dottie’s Pound Cakes. It’s a sweet legacy to her mother, Dottie Freda Miller, a community activist in Elmhurst and a woman of many talents — from pilot in the Civil Air Patrol to being one of the first women in the country to have her own radio program. The company logo is a likeness of Dottie in the late 1950s.

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Chicago Sun-Times SPLASH section April 22, 2013

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Baker & Nosh

Miss Dottie’s Pound Cakes – The Real Deal!

In all my years of baking, testing and tasting pound cakes I had yet to find a version that pleased my palate enough to stop the search. Most are either dry, dense, brick-like loaves of baked batter or so spongy you could mash it with a fork. Furthermore, finding the proper balance of sweetness, moisture, richness, and crumb is a required skill that most bakers are not mindful of.

An internet search for pound cake recipes yields hundreds of variations, each with different flavors or additions to the original formula being a pound each of four ingredients: butter, flour, eggs and sugar. Many cultures have their own version, as well. The French quatre-quarts “four quarters,” the Mexican panqué, the German Eischwerkuchen, and the Italian libra torta, making narrowing down a decent cake nearly impossible.

Recently I was gifted a few slices of Miss Dottie’s Pound Cake, baked by Tassie Tagarelli and recipe by her namesake mother. This cake was sheer genius! Rich, but not too rich. Dense, but not too dense. Sweet, but not too sweet. A perfect medley of what a pound cake should be.

Just to be sure of its quality, I tried the cake with different accompaniments: strawberry jam, whipped cream, lemon curd, ice cream – and all paired beautifully with each bite.

But the truly great thing about this pound cake is that it needs nothing at all on it’s side to be a winner.

Even if you’re not a pound cake aficionado, give this one a good honest try. Tassie and her pound cakes will simply amaze you!

Bill Millholland, Owner Baker & Nosh


Dear Tassie,

It is I who should have thanked YOU long before now. I so appreciate you doing that rush order for us last week.

The cakes were a huge hit.

We cut each cake into 28 pieces – then sandwiched two pieces with Crema di Zabaglione and fresh blueberries… more crema and berries on the top, a dollop of whipped cream and a tiny mint leaf and out the door. We were able to serve 227 guests in about 8 minutes. Super fast and easy – and the best part, it got rave reviews. The vanilla mixed beautifully with the Marsala – and the tartness of the blueberries was a great touch.

We will be putting the cakes on our autumn menu – so you’ll be hearing from me often.

Frank J. Puleo
Framboise Catering
Staten Island, NY


For the 3rd consecutive year, we were privileged to be a part of the Northern Illinois Food Bank fundraiser – “A Taste That Matters” May 8, 2014 at Drury Lane, Oak Brook, IL. We shared our Original Signature Cake & Chocolate Chip Pound Cake with over 500 guests. It was a wonderful event benefiting an important cause. Looking forward to “A Taste That Matters” 2015 !!!

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